Forging Connections and Web Sketchpad

I attended (5/11/2020) a 2 hour webinar that was very good.

It was very good. They have good goals and good guiding principles. is the main website.

Workshop agenda and links are here:

For Web Sketchpad (this is a free, web, version of Geometer’s Sketchpad, see the graphic for a good place to start.









If you append the ‘queries’ in the graphic you can get more information.

My Notes:

Webinar Forging Connections (39 here)

NSF grant

Running the webinar: Karen Hollebrands – NC state Math educator

Lead with geometry!!

There are goals and guiding principles.

5 units – intended for HS students.  There are also areas for T-Ed studs, T-ed T’s.


Karen Hollebrands, Allison McCulloch; Kristen Fye, Daniel Scher (web sketchpad developer), Scott Steketee

Identify functions activity

Points are Paired. 1 moves (independent) 1 doesn’t (dependent)

Web sketchpad

  • Came from Geometer’s sketchpad
  • Web based
  • Free for education use. Can’t make money using it.
  • Tools can be given or taken away
  • Introductory Videos
  • Tool Library
  • WebSketch Viewer
  • NOTE: there is more than 1 compass. And one is a collapsing (Euclidean!) compass
  • Web sketchpad has an interesting way