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Burr Puzzle – Origami !!

The 6-piece Octagonal Ball Burr Puzzle is a classic puzzle, usually made of wood.

It has 6 congruent pieces.  They fit together (quite easily, really) into a ‘ball.’ Two in the x-direction; Two in the y-direction; and (or course) Two in the z-direction.

This can be made of paper. Origami. During the COVID-19 stay-at-home order, I make my first one. Very fun, thanks to the YouTube video! The directions are online (and useful), but there is a wonderful YouTube video that explains all the steps superbly.

My first one probably took me about 3 hours to build all 6 (equivalent) units and assemble them together (that takes 5 minutes).  I think I could make another one now in an hour and a half.  Paper-folding (with music or a podcast or Librivox playing in the background) is therapeutic for me.

I like to use scrapbooking paper for paper-folding. A 12″ x 12″ sheet, cut into four, gives an excellent size paper for Origami. My paper was medium weight, not card stock (but you might prefer card stock.

It has 12 points (2 each from the 6 pieces). It has properties similar to the Cuboctahdron.

BTW, there are other puzzles called “Burr” puzzles, as a Google search will show. This one has the advantage/beauty that it is super-symmetrical with all 6 pieces being equivalent.  A ‘disadvantage is that it’s not really very hard to put together.